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HOTSPUR Portal registration information

What is the HOTSPUR Portal?

The HOTSPUR Portal is an easy to use, online facility that provides State & Territory Departments of Health (SDoH) and DVA with a streamlined system for sending, receiving, processing and viewing hospital activity data, and enabling the reconciliation of admitted, non-admitted, emergency and aggregate data types.

SDoH representatives can securely upload public hospital activity data at any time, view payments made under their Arrangement, view and accept reconciliations, and manage and view their activity data.

How to register to use the Portal

The HOTSPUR Portal requires a secure login. Each portal "user" requires authorisation from their State Department of Health and DVA to use the HOTSPUR Portal.

The State Department of Health HOTSPUR Portal Manager verifies the identity of the user and vouches for their authority to enable access and to share information using the Portal.

More Help?

For further assistance, please contact your State Department of Health HOTSPUR Portal Manager or the DVA Public Hospitals Team via:

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