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ESO Portal Registration Information

What is the ESO Portal?

The ESO Portal is an online facility that makes it easier for advocates and pension officers in Ex-Service Organisations (ESO) to lodge claims and reviews.

Claim representatives can check claimants' DVA history and track progress of claims and reviews without the need to phone DVA or lodge an FOI request. ESOs can also claim DVA BEST funding in the portal.

ESOs use Provider Digital Access (PRODA), a secure login to access the ESO Portal.

How to access PRODA

Organisations can "self-register" to use the ESO Portal. Each portal "user" requires authorisation from the organisation to use the ESO Portal. This is a PRODA account.

PRODA is a secure login. By granting a PRODA account, the organisation verifies the identity of the user and vouches for their authority to access and share information using the Portal.

How to get a PRODA account

Follow these steps to prepare for the change to PRODA. We encourage all ESO portal managers and individual members who use DVA Online Services to do this as soon as possible to avoid any disruption in accessing our services.

Identify the authorised person for their organisation, listed on the Australian Business Register, as they will need to set up the organisation in PRODA.

The authorised person for an organisation to:

Other personnel using DVA Online Services to:

For information or assistance with PRODA please contact PRODA Support on 1800 700 199 (option 1) or visit

For information or assistance with the Ex-Service Organisation Portal please contact 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372).

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